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Royal National Park Walks

Forest Therapy Walks

A guided Forest Therapy walk gives participants an opportunity to wind down and engage with nature through a sensory, creative or physical pathway. This experience helps you to interact intentionally with the natural world, supporting you to slow down and linking you to the earth that sustains us.

Public Walks

Available to anyone over the age of 13 years.  No special fitness required.  It is a slow walk over gentle terrain.


Join us for a two-hour walk.

Meet at

Audley Visitors Centre

2 Lady Carrington Drive, Audley

Royal National Park, Sydney

Cost: $40 per person

Join us for a three hour walk at Yenabilli Trail.

Meet at

Intersection of Maianbar Road and Fisherman’s Bay Road, Maianbar

Royal National Park, Sydney

Cost: $55 per person

Join us for a four hour walk at the Forest Path Track

Meet at

Intersection of Lady Carrington Drive and Sir Bertram Stevens Drive

Royal National Park, Sydney

Cost: $65 per person

Private Walks for small groups

Want to walk in a family grouping or with friends and people you know? A private guided walk might be the option for you. Perhaps you’re celebrating a significant occasion, an anniversary, a special birthday, or want something different for a children’s event? A forest therapy walk would be a memorable and personal experience for all involved. Maximum group size - 8 people.


For more details and to arrange your private walk, please contact via email.


Corporate Forest Therapy Walks

Want to offer something different to your team?


High on every employer’s list is the wellbeing of their teams, especially in today’s world when people are feeling the increasing pressures of balancing the demands of work and home life, and COVID-19 has only exacerbated these.  So, what is an extra something that an employer can offer their staff?


Consider a forest therapy walk. A Forest Therapy walk is a unique experience that can be enjoyed by teams outside, with each team member getting the benefit of a two-hour retreat in nature.


Through participating in this activity together, outside in the fresh air, employers can encourage inclusive work practices, enhance productivity in workplaces and promote their team members’ overall wellbeing.


Support your employees’ physical and mental health and help them reach their potential. Book a forest therapy walk today.


For more details and to arrange your corporate walk, please contact via email.


Royal National Park
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